Why Are Airport Floors Carpeted?

If you pay attention, most of the floors in various airports in the world are always covered with carpet. This phenomenon must have made you ask why airport floors are carpeted? Even though it is easier for passengers and cleaning workers to pass and clean the floors without carpets. It turns out that the use of carpets on airport floors has an explanation and a special reason. Reporting from Travel and Leisure, the carpet on the airport floor can affect the mood or mood and behavior of prospective passengers. Carpets can make prospective passengers more relaxed. Mental Floss said that the airport, which has a gated area covered with carpets with various designs, can make tourists more relaxed before getting on the plane and taking off. Due to the large volume of carpet usage at the airport, it is not uncommon for airport administrators to use Northern Beaches Carpet Cleaning services to clean their carpets.

According to Fast Company, if the carpet is combined with the ceiling and natural lighting and comfortable seating, it can increase the feeling of comfort among passengers who are likely to feel restless. According to research conducted by the airport market DKMA, by making prospective passengers comfortable before flying, the airport benefits. Why? Because passengers will be relaxed, happy, and tend to spend about 7 percent of the money on shopping at retail and 10 percent at duty-free shops around the airport. Interestingly, the positive impact of carpet installation in airports goes beyond that of interior design. So a carpet is not just a display but can make a lot of profit both from the side of prospective passengers and the airport.

The carpet provides its touch sensation when it comes into contact with the feet. A person walking on a carpet is usually more comfortable than touching the floor. Especially if the home carpet has a soft and soft texture. Currently, carpets already have many variations, models, and motifs. Its placement can help beautify a room and create an atmosphere. Carpets with floral motifs, for example, can build a romantic impression in a room. Also, the carpet can be a focal point to steal the eye.
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