This is The Effect of an Overdose If You Consume Excessive Marijuana

This is The Effect of an Overdose If You Consume Excessive Marijuana

In addition to being a medicinal drug, that doesn’t mean marijuana is harmless. If its use is not according to the dosage recommended by a doctor, then the use of marijuana or cannabis will be destructive. Not only mentally, but physically also experiencing disorders. This disorder is caused by the THC levels in marijuana that can damage cells and tissues that serve as protection against certain diseases. When referring to, this makes cannabis users more susceptible to diseases such as coughs, colds, to infectious diseases or diseases that come from viruses. The use of marijuana during pregnancy has the potential to inhibit brain development in the fetus. The effect is, when a child is born, there can be problems with children’s behavior such as difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering, and weakness in problem-solving.

Those who consumed marijuana reported a decline in learning ability, ability to focus, and memory abilities. This gets worse if a person starts using marijuana at a young age. One study found an 8-point drop in IQ in those who used marijuana for a long time. A significant decrease in IQ scores was found more in those who used marijuana since adolescence and continued into adulthood. The use of marijuana can cause psychotic symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and thinking disorders. Triggering thoughts of suicide, depression, excessive nervousness, and schizophrenia can occur in those who use marijuana in the long term.

Although the health effects of marijuana use still require further research, the THC levels in cannabis are increasing from year to year. THC levels in cannabis leaves used to range from 1% to 4%, now they can reach 7%. Increasing levels of THC can make it easier for a person to become dependent on marijuana. What you need to know, if you are a heavy marijuana user and want to quit completely, you may also experience withdrawal before the body is completely clean from marijuana addiction.

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