The Importance Of Roof Installation

The roof of the house has an important role in keeping rainwater from entering the house, therefore in preparing the house for the rainy season the roof of the house must be planned from the start. Check the roof of the house for loose parts, leaking asbestos, or tile that needs replacing by the professional Roofing Companies Grove OK. For roofs made of concrete, asbestos, or shingles, pay attention to the possibility of fine cracks, if there is a layer of gauze and waterproof glue. For large cracks, they must be opened and plastered again. It is recommended that you do routine checks every 2 or 3 months to prevent leakage due to fine cracks.

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Usually, after 3 or four heavy rains, you can see leaks and seeping water, if left unchecked it can make the roof rot. The angles between the walls and the roof were rechecked because the cement plaster and the roof usually leaked frequently. The ceiling that is damp due to water seepage also needs to be replaced, repair it as early as possible to minimize costs and the safety of people at home. Use 1 – 2-millimeter size aluminum foil as a coating between the ceiling and the tile. This serves to protect the ceiling from water droplets due to imperfect tile installation while reducing heat absorption.

The angle of the tile is sometimes neglected when building a house, this angle serves to form resistance to rain. For example, ceramic tile requires a tilt angle of more than 30 degrees, while asbestos is 15 degrees. Use the adjustable length and width of the roof tongue to protect the patio floor and walls from rain and wind. Improper asbestos nailing will cause new seepage points, pay attention to how to install bolts or nails. Asbestos cannot be nailed using nails carelessly, use special asbestos nails, and must be drilled beforehand, installed with nails that have been coated with rubber and wrapped around the nail area. The roof of the house that is suitable is made of ceramic tile because it is the clay so that it can withstand changes in weather and temperature.

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