Interesting Wall Painting Ideas For Minimalist Homes

House wall decoration can be done through the interior or exterior. Similarly, painters woodstock can make your home more beautiful. There are also many ways you can do to enhance the appearance of a minimalist home interior walls. One of them is applying wall paintings. Many people leave wall paintings because there is already a wallpaper or wall covering with a variety of style choices. Even so, for some people, the application of wall paintings will provide its own artistic value.

Here are some interesting wall painting ideas for the following minimalist homes!

1. Abstract wall paintings
Abstract wall paintings have high artistic value if done correctly. For those of you beginners who want to try abstract wall paintings themselves, try the easy ones first, such as making abstract drawings or abstract rainbows.

For this wall painting, you only need to prepare 7 colours of paint and then rub it on the wall randomly, but next to each other. The size and shape need not be the same. If you are still in doubt, you should submit this task to experts, for example, professional interior design services.

2. Wall painting with ombre technique

This technique of blending more than 2 colours had also previously been popular for matters of hair and clothing. For wall paintings, this ombre technique is suitable for all types of rooms. But if you are interested in applying it in a minimalist style room, you can try ombre black to white or black to grey. The idea of a brighter colour combination like red to pink is also a good idea.

3. Wall painting with illusion effects

For those of you who want the house to look more unique, try applying wall paintings with illusion or 3D effects. It doesn’t need to be complicated, just with a cube stack model like this, for example. The choice of colours can be adjusted to the style of the room and the colour of the furniture. Wall painting like this is recommended only for some areas of the wall because if it is too large it will make people who see it feel dizzy.

4. Wall painting with splash techniques
Creating a wall painting doesn’t always have to be a brush and paint directly on the wall. To get a natural and cool look, try splashing paint randomly on the wall. You can use just one colour or several colours at once. Using minimalist house paint colours that are trending can also, you know.

For an elegant look, choose a dark background like grey and then splash light-coloured paint like gold or white when making a mural. If you want a brighter look, use a white background and splashes of colourful paint.

It turns out that the idea of wall painting does not need to be complicated and expensive right. Of the seven wall painting ideas, what number will you try to make this weekend?