Shape Of The Hand Determine The Right Watch

Are you confused about buying a affordable vintage watches that matches the shape of your hand? You need tips for choosing a watch that fits our hand shape. Watches must be comfortable because we wear them all day long. Because the watch has to be right on the wrist. So, the watch will be comfortable to wear. This article will tell you tips on choosing a watch according to the shape of your hand. So that you know before buying a watch. Having a small wrist does not mean you are free to choose a watch model. Well, a watch that is suitable for those of you who have a small wrist is a watch that has a small watch strap. Because if you choose the big strap, it will make your hand look heavy because of its large shape.

Big wrists are not only because of the large bones it can be because of the fat body, so they look big. This form of the hand should avoid watches that have small straps and small bezels because they will make the watch less good. Choose a strap that is medium or large in size and the bezel material is not too thin. Men, in general, have muscular hands but women are also muscular. Well, this is perfect for wearing a watch that has a strong and sporty impression. Avoid wearing a stainless steel or cloth strap, as that will make you look out of place with muscular hands.

The person whose normal hand shape usually has a normal body is neither too big nor too small. Owners of normal handshapes are free to choose the shape of the watch. Not only normal handshapes can freely choose the shape of a watch. But for thin hands, you can also choose the shape of the watch you want. However, it will look better if you use a watch made of stainless compared to leather or fabric.

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