Oil Change Instructions according to Vehicle Use

When talking about how to care for a car also talking about how to change the oil. To make sure, check the quality of your personal car engine oil. If the car oil has changed color, then the oil must be replaced as soon as possible right away. If when checking, the oil is black and smells rancid, you may immediately change the oil. The quality and condition of the car will affect when your car changes oil. For more tips, see some of the explanations below. If you own a car, changing the oil is much-needed information. If you are asking can too much transmission fluid cause overheating? You can find the answer on our website.

Cars Used Every Day Cars that are used every day and traveled more than 20 kilometers, the oil filter can be replaced every 8 months. Replacement can be faster for vehicles that are often used, such as a taxi car for example. Or a car that is actively used every other day. Then you can set yourself when this oil can be changed every 8 months once per more than 20 kilometers.

Cars that are rarely used For cars that are rarely used, you should change the car oil every few months and get more attention. Because cars that are rarely used and rarely used over long distances are a cause for concern. It takes extra care, and you can replace it according to the condition of the car. For example, once every 3 months and so on, if the car is idle for more than 5 months.

Cars Used As Needed For cars that are used as needed, you should change the car oil how many months it can be done every 5-6 months. This must also be measured by the distance that has been achieved from the car itself. You are a car owner who can measure how and when your car needs to change the oil.

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