Benefits of Hypnosis for the Body

Look into my eyes and you will fall asleep for a few minutes. The words of suggestion from the psychotherapist may have been clearly recorded in our memory, plus the scene shaking a watch necklace. Scenes like this are indeed familiar and we often encounter them in person, through television shows, films, and novels. However, does the practice of hypnosis from igor ledochowski have any benefits to the body?

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Irving Kirsch, lecturer, and director of the Placebo Study Program at Harvard Medical School said hypnosis was a legitimate form of treatment. In some cases, hypnosis is used to help with weight loss, relieve pain after surgery, and deal with depression or stress. Here are some of the health benefits of hypnosis that we have summarized:

Lose weight
Several studies that Irving Kirsch studied found that when a person is on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBS) – a non-drug treatment for weight loss, and depression – coupled with hypnosis, a lot more weight is lost. Over the course of four to six months, those on CBS therapy plus hypnosis lost about nine kilograms, while those on CBS only lost 4.5 kilograms. In addition to losing more weight, those who did CBS with hypnosis did not return for 18 months. This is different from people who only do CBS therapy, their weight can gain again at any time.

One of them helps reduce post-operative pain or pain. Hypnosis is also useful for standard medical treatments such as epidural anesthesia or injecting drugs around the epidural (spinal cord) and dealing with addiction to drugs and cigarettes. In a randomized trial conducted in 2007, experts recruited 286 smokers.

Although most doctors do not recommend hypnosis or hypnotherapy in dealing with various mental problems, recently there is growing support for hypnosis research for medical purposes. And hypnosis is real psychological therapy, not just an empty science. If you are interested in trying it, make sure your hypnotherapist is experienced and certified.

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