Benefit Of Watching Movies

Every month, there are various new films released, starting with Hollywood and foreign films. Watching movies is indeed used as a means to entertain yourself. Many choose to use streaming services like Netflix or streaming sites like watch movies online free. Apart from being entertainment, watching movies can provide therapy for body health, especially mental health or better known as cinema therapy. Watching movies can encourage a person to express their emotions such as laughing and crying, even for those who have difficulty in this regard. Releasing emotions has a cathartic effect that makes it easier and more comfortable for a person to express themselves in real life.

Even though it sounds counter-intuitive, it is proven that someone who has watched a very sad film will ultimately feel grateful for the life he has. Tragedy and problems contained in the film can be a comparison to real-life problems so that a person will appreciate everything in his personal life more. Knowledge and wisdom have been passed on through storytelling. Stories will offer different perspectives and help one to understand the world. And movies are stories. Movies could also be used as a means of escape from your daily problems. When watching a movie, a person will focus on one activity. A person will be exploring a different time and place in no time. This gives our brains a chance to take a break from distracting things like life’s tough problems.

Most importantly, watching movies could create a sense of relief. Especially when watching stressful movies such as horror or drama, the stress hormone (cortisol) will be released from the brain. After that followed by dopamine which produces feelings of pleasure. Everyone can go to the cinema to watch a movie, but the annoying thing is the long queues to order tickets at the cinema. The rapid development of technology makes people no longer need to experience these difficulties. Currently, cinema ticket reservations can be made online, or to watch movies easier you could always use streaming sites or services.

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